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Address: 5 / F, Building 7, Rongyufa Industrial City, Tongwei Tongming Road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen

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Xinchuang lighting is a collection development ,design,production,sales ,as one of the lighting lamps manufacturers.Professional production equipment,advanced management methods,comfortable working environment and high quality technical management personnel.The main products are buried lights,underwater lights,spike lights,fountain lights,corner lamp,wall lamp,lawn lamp,,garden lamp,landscape lamp,the selection of the production of high quality ,durable,high technology content,outdoor waterproof ,and can be the root according to customer requirements for the most professional outdoor lights,LED lighting design.
  Products are exported to Europe,America,Southeast Asia,the Middle East,Hong Kong and Taiwan and other regions.Since the establishment of the company,i plant mainly in outdoor lighting products for the global Market,with the modern trend of the design concept,advanced technology,unique shape,excellent quality,reasonable price based on lighting industry,now has a perfect outdoor lighting ,professional LED lighting production technology,with the greatest efforts to meet the majority of customers high grade,High quality product requirements.
  We are based on domestic and global oriented,adhere to the market as the guide,in good faith for the business of this,to innovation as the source of the product,the product extremely hard work for the responsibility of the company to the credibility of the first,quality first,service first as the standard of corporate development ,welcome customers from all walks of the life Households to cooperate
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